Elements of Study

General English:

Element 1

Integrated language systems and skills development with a focus on level specific grammar and vocabulary.

Element 2

A skills focused session which will build on your grammar and vocabulary work to improve your reading and writing.  Focus on learning strategies and practice of up-to-date exam tasks.

Element 3

Communications skills session focused on listening, speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary building - negotiated by the class and teacher to suit the particular needs of the class. 


Exam Focused Training:

Element 4

Specific language exam preparation including IELTS, FCE and CAE.


International Business Communications (IBC):

Element 5

Business Language - development of your English within a business themed session, enabling broader based vocabulary development.


Element 6

Business Communication Skills

This element is designed to give you the opportunity to practise the key communication skills that are needed in the modern business world.  Course content is negotiated by the class from a selection of skills from the following modules:  Effective Personal Development; Effective Business Speaking, Effective Team Leadership, Effective Customer Relationship and Effective Business Writing.  


Element 7 

Content Study

Specialised content study at RQF Levels 3, 4 and 5 forms part of our Business English (IBC), Vocational Language and University Pathway courses.  The specialised subjects include Management, Marketing, Finance, Legal Studies, Business and other English for Special Purposes.


Element 8

English for Aviation

Designed to meet the English-language training requirements of pilots and air traffic controllers, MLS provides courses for aviation language proficiency development up to ICAO Operational Level 4 and beyond.  The EALTS tests can also be taken at MLS.


Element 9

Executive and Tailor Made Training

MLS are experts in delivering English for a range of specialist professional purposes including Law; Medicine; Logistics; Marketing; Accounting & Finance; Computing & Technology; and Tourism, as well as Business Management.  Element 9 provides one-to-one or small group training (maximum 6) designed to meet your specific training needs.  Our Executive or Executive Plus courses can be made up entirely of Element 9, or can be combined with other Elements to tailor the training to your needs.

Outside the Classroom:

Guided Self Study - as a student at MLS you will have direct access to the MLS Library, Internet Room and Language Laboratory.  With the help of an experienced teacher you can consolidate and extend your learning by selecting from our range of traditional and computer- based learning opportunities.

Extra-Curricula Activities - check the monthly Activities & Excursions Schedule to see what is available at MLS each month.  Typically, there are weekend excursions and several weekday activities you can participate in with other students, including the popular Conversation Club.  The MLS Student Representatives also organise social activities to which everyone is welcome. 

English in England - never forget the importance of the language learning that happens outside of the College.  Living in Bournemouth means being immersed in an English-speaking community, which offers endless opportunities for learning.