Achieving Success

How Do We Manage Your Progress

MLS places great emphasis on monitoring and supporting student language and academic development. We do this from before you arrive at the College until after you leave.

Pre arrival – students are usually required to present evidence of their language and academic level or professional background prior to arrival at the College. Alternatively, students are encouraged to sit an MLS pre-test before coming to the College to give us an indication of their language level. For executive courses we will ask for a fuller training needs analysis to be completed.

On arrival at the College you will be given a placement test to determine your current English language level and to assess gaps in your learning. The Director of Studies will then place you in a class which is at the most appropriate level and which best meets your needs.

Throughout the course you will be assessed on your classroom performance and on the production of a portfolio of work as well as through regular tests. Each month* you will sit a formal test and have the opportunity to review this and your portfolio of work with your tutor. You will also have the opportunity to speak to your teacher about your progress at any time through informal meetings.  For students studying content modules assessment will take place twice a term through examinations or coursework based assessment.

* Tests may be suspended in July and August


Grading MLS' Higher National Units

The grading of Edexcel BTEC Higher National qualifications is at the unit and the qualification level. Each successfully completed unit is graded as a pass, merit or distinction. A pass is awarded for the achievement of all outcomes against the specified assessment criteria provided by Edexcel.

Merit and distinction grades are awarded for higher-level achievement. The merit and distinction grade descriptors provided by Edexcel are generic, grade the total evidence produced for each unit and describe the learner’s performance over and above that for a pass grade. They can be achieved in a flexible way, to reflect the nature of the sector concerned.