Online Test

1. Hello. My _____________________ John Smith.

2. The school opens _____________________ 8.30 am.

3. I can speak English quite _____________________ .

4. Where _____________________ you studying at the moment?

5. My brother did not _____________________ English at school.

6. “No smoking in the classroom” means that you _____________________ smoke cigarettes there.

7. Water normally _____________________ at 100o Celsius.

8. There _____________________ be some rain later, you never know.

9. The _____________________ rule of all is to be positive.

10. _____________________ I leave the class to use my phone, please?

11. You can find _____________________ interesting news in the local paper.

12. Last weekend I spent a lot of money _____________________ clothes.

13. I woke up late. _____________________, I missed the bus.

14. I come from Australia, _____________________ capital is Canberra.

15. _____________________ English, Arabic is written from right to left.

16. _____________________ there were no traffic problems, a lot of people arrived late.

17. The roads are dangerous _____________________ the ice.

18. In many countries, identity cards are _____________________ . In other words, you have to carry one.

19. Bournemouth is a place which is well worth _____________________.

20. There was a _____________________ fall in the price of oil last week.

21. The instructions are as _____________________ : first, write your name.

22. Mathematics _____________________ as the science of numbers and their relationships.

23. It is ___ less likely to snow in Bournemouth than in Moscow.

24. _____________________ research needs to be undertaken before the findings can be confirmed.

25. The answers to this test are kept _____________________ until after the test is over.

26. Had we known about the problems last year, we _____________________ in this situation now.

27. Despite ________________ any formal qualifications in business, he is a very successful businessman.

28. Charles Babbage is often _____________________ to as the “Father of Computing”.

29. Recent events have _____________________ speculation that there will be a rise in interest rates.

30. Some people find the concept of arranged marriages difficult to ________