Our company is fully committed to the active promotion of equal opportunity in employment and the provision of all its services to customers and others. • MLS International College will endeavour not to discriminate, directly or indirectly, against students or potential students on the grounds of gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious or political beliefs, disability, marital status or family circumstances, sexual orientation, age, ex-offender status, social class. Staff and students at all levels should treat one another with respect and courtesy. • Definitions of direct and indirect discrimination are given in Appendix 1 of our full policy avalable on request. Relevant legislation is listed in Appendix 2.
Admissions (general)
MLS reserves the right of admission as a fee charging institution. Applicants need to provide evidence of financial ability to settle tuition and other fees as charged. In addition minimum entry standards as detailed in the college brochures and other marketing material from time to time are applied. The College will aim to use appropriate, non-discriminatory language in all recruitment literature. • Applicants will be selected on the basis of their existing knowledge and their ability to complete chosen programmes successfully and to contribute to the life of the College. Evidence on which decisions are made may include qualifications, predicted qualifications, academic references, information provided on an application form, outside interests, evidence of recent study, motivation for the programmes or performance in an interview. • MLS provides admissions to adult students only. Typically this is aged 18 years and above. We reserve the right to accept students aged 16 and 17 but only where the prevailing care of juniors documentation has been completed and complied with. • Admissions are accepted under our standard terms and conditions.
Access Arrangements
MLS makes every effort to meet the requirements of all students who study at the College. The College is based in a Victorian building with five floors. The building does not have lift access, although MLS may make space available for teaching on the ground floor for those who have difficulty managing staircases. MLS does not provide specialist support for certain disabilities and should you require specific assistance, we ask that you complete the MLS learning support questionnaire, so that we can better understand and endeavour to respond to your needs where possible.
Enrolment period 
Students admitted are provided with a course start date which must be adhered to other than that students may be delayed for bonafide reasons and in which case a typical delay of four weeks will be allowed for English Language courses and two weeks for all other courses. In any event enrolments must be confirmed three weeks prior to course start date and without such confirmation, MLS reserves the right to cancel the enrolment. Delayed bookings beyond four weeks may be considered but typically involve re-enrolment and may require UKVI reporting.