Introducing the MLS University Placement Service
...Seven parts to success

All MLS university pathway course staff are familiar with the level of study needed for successful entry to a British university and students are offered every assistance with their applications and choice of university.  In addition, and at no extra charge, the MLS University Counsellor is available to offer private advice and counselling.  

From time to time we welcome members of staff from the universities with whom we cooperate.  Several times a year, trips to view universities are made for the benefit of our pathway students.

Since 1981 Barry Henwood has been involved in pathway courses to Universities and MLS International College has now established excellent links and good connections with a large number of universities, both in the UK and Ireland.  Most of the counselling and advisory work is carried out by the MLS University Counsellors.  The universities frequently visit MLS and we also arrange visits on behalf of our students to these universities.  Full advice is given on UCAS application for UK universities.

The service explained

1. How do your qualifications compare to English students’?

MLS will check your current certification against UK NARIC, the UK’s International Comparisons organisation.  We will be able to advise you on your current academic equivalence.

2. Answering your questions

MLS will discuss your University requirements with you –

a. What do you want to study? 

b. What career goals do you have?

c. Where do you want to study?

d. What type of environment do you want to study in?

e. What else are you looking for from your University experience?

3. Giving you specific information

a. MLS will supply information relating to our key partner Universities, including

           i.   Presentations,

           ii.   Meetings with University representatives

           iii.   Prospectus library

b.  In addition we will supply information and run searches on any other course or institution you request

4. Making an application

a. UCAS applications on line with MLS staff supporting

b. Direct application forms at either undergraduate or postgraduate level

c. Personal statements – advice and training as part of your course at the college

d. References – your teachers will supply written references on your suitability for University study based on your progress at MLS

e. Checking your application before it is sent.

5. Speaking directly with University admissions tutors

a. MLS will follow up your application with admissions tutors.

b. MLS will discuss any problems directly with the University and supply supplementary information in support of your application if requested.

6. Getting your offer

a. MLS will discuss your choices with you to make sure you have all the information you request to make the right final choice of where you will study at University.

b. Help with making University arrangements – MLS will advise you regarding accommodation forms, fee payment forms and many other forms that the University may send to you before you join the university.

7. After you leave MLS – getting advise once you are at University

a. We are always pleased to hear from our past students and although you have been successful, studying in English can still require the odd word of support and we are delighted to be able to assist you with any further enquiries you may have.