English plus Management Training: Management



The process of management

The roles of managers

The key skills of managers and how to develop them

The main forces exerting pressure on organisations


Analysis of competitive environments using Porter’s five forces model

Driving forces of in the growth of international business

Comparison of management roles and practices amongst different countries

Compare the main features of Japanese, U.S. and European management systems

Compare the arguments for and against greater globalization

Demands that Information Technology (IT) places on the manager

Impact of the Internet on businesses

Establishing successful eBusiness


Effective Management

Framework for planning

Steps involved in problem-solving and decision-making

Producing Gantt charts

Producing PERT charts

Performing breakeven analysis

Basic concepts of job design

Types of organisational structures

Process of recruitment

Styles of leadership

Concept of motivation

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy

Herzberg’s Two Factor theory

Communication process

Team building process

Budgetary and non-budgetary controls

Identifying and dealing with poor performance

Time management techniques

Stress management techniques


Advanced Management

Characteristics of senior management

Types of leadership styles

What makes a good leader?

Improving time management skills

Improving delegation skills

Improving assertiveness

Different styles of handling conflict

Creating effective working relationships

Managing employee performance

Coaching and mentoring

Reward systems and how to manage them

Motivational factors


Project Management

Introduction to projects

Leading projects


Effective project leading

Project lifecycle

Project structure

Stakeholder management

Project team

Successful projects

Critical success factors

Team building

Effective team working