Executive & Tailor Made Training

For over 26 years, our vision of an International Management and Language Specialist College has been a resounding success.  I have personally been involved in education and training for 30 years and since I established the College in early 1987, MLS has grown year on year as our corporate and government client list has developed and widened worldwide.  We have a great deal of experience in working with overseas clients, having trained company and government staff from over 45 countries.  MLS training expertise is internationally well known and been developed mainly by word of mouth reputation – we have a proven track record.”

Barry Henwood


What is Executive and Tailor Made Training?

At MLS we offer individualised courses for English language training which goes beyond standard general English or business-related courses.  Clients can blend business and language training to meet their particular aims and objectives.  Courses can be designed for individuals or groups of trainees and can be on either a short-term or long-term basis. 

MLS works with a range of experienced tutors with a wide variety of language training and management backgrounds to provide tailored training programmes.  We have become a market leader in management and language training for the world of business.  Our client list speaks for itself and many governments and blue chip companies, including from the oil, aviation and financial sectors, have benefited from MLS training.  We not only provide high-level training programmes, but understand clearly the need for high level client services and hospitality.

Executive and Tailor Made Training Options

All Executive and Tailor Made training is delivered in the medium of English and training programmes will be designed on request to meet clients’ precise needs.  Clients should provide MLS with details of their training needs and the duration of training required, and we will respond with a detailed, comprehensive, tailored training proposal and quotation.
Courses can be arranged entirely on a one-to-one or closed group basis, or as a combination of one of the MLS training courses (eg English Language, International Business Communications, Management, Marketing, Finance, Legal Studies, Aviation English) with supplementary one-to-one or closed group lessons.  Sample course models are shown below.
Executive 1:1 One-to-one or closed group courses designed specifically for a trainee or group of trainees.  Participants will be required to complete a full Training Needs Analysis before arrival to ensure training meets the specific needs of the learner.  All lessons will take place on a one-to-one or closed group basis.
Executive Plus  Executive Plus courses enable you to join our standard integrated lessons for 20 or 30 lessons per week, and to supplement this with additional one-to-one training to meet your specific needs.  Our Executive Plus courses are very popular, as they offer the benefit of learning with and from other students, combined with tailored, focussed training allowing you to address your individual learning needs with a private teacher at what is always a competitive price. 
Sample Course Models:
Course Name Description
Executive 20/30/40 One-to-one sessions
EP5 20 integrated plus 5 one-to-one sessions
EP10 20 integrated plus 10 one-to-one sessions
EP15 20 integrated plus 15 one-to-one sessions
EP35 30 integrated plus 5 one-to-one sessions
EP40 30 integrated plus 10 one-to-one sessions