Executive 1:1


This is an entirely tailor-made provision, where MLS devises a training programme in partnership with you, the trainee, to meet your specific language needs.  We can also be flexible in terms of when your lessons will take place throughout the day, e.g. you may prefer morning only or afternoon only study.

This course is provided on an entirely 1:1 basis.  You may choose from a minimum of 20 lessons 1:1 up to 40 lessons 1:1 per week.  Your timetable will be between 0900 and 1700 Monday to Friday. Evening and weekend classes can be arranged on request

About our training

Our main aim is to ensure that our students gain the most from their course and their stay at our college.  We firmly believe that the more you put into your studies, the more you will gain as a benefit.  Every student has the ability to make progress in learning the language and we are committed to ensuring that by the time you leave MLS you will have made the most progress possible, taking advantage of everything MLS has provided for you.

MLS has a dedicated team of teachers who will motivate and inspire you as you go through your course.  Our teachers are your most important tool in the learning process and we are proud of the excellence they provide in the classroom with their experience and expertise – you will benefit enormously in this respect.  Moreover our core team of senior teachers have the additional responsibility of providing you with ongoing academic counselling and helping you with a whole range of advice and support, including which English language examinations to take; advice on how to get the best out of your private study time; finding your way round the MLS library; close supervision when using the Multi Media Language Laboratory.

Additionally you will be allocated a “client manager”, a dedicated member of MLS Management staff from our client service team.  This person will most likely have been involved in your enrolment at MLS and you may well have been in contact with them by e-mail or phone before your arrival at MLS.  He/she will provide you with close support and assistance on all matters academic and pastoral relating to your stay at MLS and will assist you with important educational decisions and with any other issues relating to your overall stay in the UK.

Course Code Name of Course Course Start Date Course hours per week Course level
E20 Executive 20 (20 lessons 1:1) Any Monday (Except UK public holidays) 15 hours Elementary  - Advanced

Executive 30

(30 lessons 1:1)

Any Monday (Except UK public holidays) 22.5 hours Elementary  - Advanced
E40 Executive 40 (40 lessons 1:1) Any Monday (Except UK public holidays) 30 hours Elementary  - Advanced