IELTS 30 / 20 / 30 Plus

Who are these courses designed for?


MLS is able to offer different kinds of English Language Examination courses to suit your individual needs.

MLS can offer you an examination counselling service to help you decide which exam is right for your level and which qualification will be the most useful. Our experienced Examination Officer will meet with you to help you make the right decisions and guide you through the application process.


IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a multi level exam. You will follow an English and IELTS course which will give you the Academic English skills necessary to complete the following exam tasks:


Reading: You will learn specific reading skills such as skimming, scanning and dealing with unknown vocabulary. You will practise these skills by looking at authentic academic texts such as reports, essays and newspaper articles.


Writing: You will learn the necessary grammar and structure needed for producing a well composed piece of writing. You will be taught how to write in an academic style in order to produce effective essays and reports.


Listening Comprehension: You will be introduced to a range of accents and speeds of speaking within academic environments. Listening practice will be delivered through a range of authentic situations such as listening to lectures and talks. You learn how to listen for detailed information and general meaning.


Speaking: You will focus on improving your confidence and fluency through guided work, discussion and group or individual presentations. You will learn how to use English in an Academic environment and focus on structure, coherence and cohesion in speech. You will also practise your pronunciation and intonation skills through authentic tasks such as giving presentations and expressing your opinions in discussions and debates.

  • Workshops will no longer be provided from January 2015. Extra curricular activities will still be available and students should check the monthly schedules. 


English and IELTS 30: 1 lesson band of IELTS preparation plus 2 lesson bands of General English per day

English and IELTS 20: 1 lesson band of IELTS preparation plus 1 lesson band of General English per day

Please also see the MLS Annual Exams details.

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General English General English General English General English General English


From January 2017, MLS is pleased to announce the release of its new
IELTS 30 Plus course.

The IELTS 30 Plus programme builds on the main IELTS programme and enables you to individualise your course to suit your specific academic needs.  

This programme includes 30 lessons of integrated study with the IELTS 30 course plus 2 lessons per week of tailor made training on a one-to-one or small group (maximum 6) basis.