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International Business Communications
30 / 20 / 40

Who are these programmes designed for?

The course is suitable for experienced business professionals, those who are just starting out in their careers and students of business.

The English for International Business Communications course is designed to equip you with the language and skills you need in order to be successful in any work place.  Throughout the course, you will continue improve your English language ability through the context of Business English. You will also learn key skills that are needed in any business environment, such as how to negotiate and how to give presentations.


What Business English training will you receive at MLS?

IBC classes are run at two levels - Intermediate level, and Upper-Intermediate/Advanced level - both levels will cover the following:

Listening Comprehension: You will be introduced to a range of accents and speeds of speaking within an international business environment. Listening practice will be delivered through a range of authentic situations such as listening in meetings and taking minutes, listening for key information in presentations and on the telephone and listening for detail in conferences.

Speaking: The aim of these lessons is to increase your confidence and fluency through guided work, discussion, role-play and group or individual presentations. Attention is paid to clear production of connected speech as well as of individual sounds. You will gain speaking practice through authentic business tasks such as giving presentations, participating in meetings and using social English for networking.

Reading: You will learn specific reading skills such as skimming, scanning and dealing with unknown vocabulary. These skills will help you to understand authentic business documents such as reports and proposals. You will also gain reading practice by looking at up to date case studies and articles from various business publications and newspapers.

Writing: You will be given training in writing for a number of purposes and will learn the necessary grammar, structure and vocabulary you need in order to produce successful business documents.


The Programme choice:

  • 30 Lessons - will involve three elements of study
  • 20 Lessons - will involve two elements of study
  • 40 Lessons - will involve three elements of study plus 10 one to one lessons
  • Extra curricular study and activities are available and students should check the monthly schedules. 
  • What Business English exam can I take with this course?

Sample timetable:

(actual lesson times may vary)


  Monday Tuesday            Wednesday Thursday Friday
Band A

Business         English -   Element 5

Business English - Element 5 Business English - Element 5 Business    English -   Element 5 Business  English - Element 5
Band B
Business Skills:
effective personal development skills - Element 6
Business Skills:
effective team leadership skills - Element 6

Business Skills:
effective business writing skills -Element 6

Business Skills:
effective customer relationship skills - Element 6
Business Skills:
effective business speaking skills - Element 6
Band C
Negotiated Business Topics - Element 7 Negotiated Business Topics - Element 7 Negotiated Business Topics - Element 7 Negotiated Business Topics - Element 7 Negotiated Business Topics - Element 7