English Language / International Business Communications (IBC) Courses / Vocational Language Courses

MLS College are specialists in delivering not only General English Language but also highly focused language programmes with a difference.  The IBC programmes offer Business Management training and all IBC courses have a  focus on Business skills development within English Language.  The BBSI Vocational courses enable students to study concepts and communication skills associated with careers in their chosen field (eg management, marketing, legal studies, finance).

A list of these programmes is provided below.  Please click through to read more on your chosen course.

For those seeking an academic pathway, our University Pathway programmes or IELTS courses provide excellent preparation for university study.

Programme Area Courses
General English Courses English 20 / 30 / 40
English Language Examination Courses     
(click to download pdf of 2016 Exam Courses) FCE 20 / 30
  CAE 20 / 30
  IELTS 20 / 30
International Business Communications Courses (IBC) IBC 20 / 30 / 40

(click to download pdf of 2016 IBC Courses)


Certificate, Higher Certificate and Diploma Programmes

IBC 30 Plus


Vocational Language Courses