Here is what some of our students said about their time at MLS:

Hongyi Tang, China

University Foundation in Management, 2016


"MLS is not only a place where you study specific courses or knowledge, but also offers a chance to learn about multiple cultures.   The teachers in MLS have great passion and enthusiasm for their work and students.  When I was confused and had problems with my management assignments, my tutor would provide help through email before talking to me face-to-face in more detail.  And that's just one example.   I am so glad to have obtained offers from universities and I will be going to Royal Holloway College, University of London to take a BA in Business Management.  I really appreciate it."

Mathini Suppiah, Switzerland

CAE course, 2016


"I came to Bournemouth to attend a six-week General English course at MLS and for an internship in a Marketing Company for five months. I finished my course last week and I have to say that it was the best experience ever! I have improved several skills, especially my speaking skills. Meeting many students from all around the world was just a pleasure! I really appreciated the atmosphere, the teachers and the great staff at MLS college and I would recommend this school to anyone. This week I have started my internship and I am excited about what is coming next. Thanks MLS for this great time!"

*Please note that the MLS Internship Programme is only available to EU students for visa reasons. 

Zholt Polhammer, Hungary

General English Course, 2016


"I believe that I am really lucky because I chose this school for my study in England.  Every teacher is very friendly, helpful and last but not least really open-minded.  I've met lots of really fantastic people from many countries.  They were very friendly and I could spend lots of time with them outside of school too.  Thank you very much indeed.  The best school and the best teachers!"

Loris Novo, Switzerland

General English Course, 2016


"When I first got here I had low expectations regarding my classes.  I knew that my level was already pretty good since I had passed the CAE several years ago, and I only took the English course because I had to in order to complete my studies to become a secondary school teacher in Switzerland.  I thought I was merely going to be sitting in the classroom waiting for the time to pass.  I was immediatley proved wrong!

The teachers were amazing in every regard and the classes were fun and challenging.  In the past three weeks I have learned more than I had ever imagined I would and I had a lot of fun doing it.  The classes were really helpful and I would recommend them to everyone who's already at a high level and wants to improve even more.  I am grateful to the teachers for supporting and challenging me and I am grateful to all the staff for organising such a great stay with very enjoyable activities in the afternoons and evening.  

It was a great experience, I feel more confident teaching English and I'm certain that I will pass the CPE."



Chiara Marano, Italy

MLS Internship Programme, MLS Course followed by professional internship.  (only available to EU students for visa reasons


"I decided to come to Bournemouth for 2 months to improve my English skills.  I applied for the MLS Internship Programme which consisted of one month's General English and one month of internship.  Before coming here my English wasn't good enough for working, but after only one month in this college I felt more confident and I didn't have any problem to work with English people.  
This college is not only a place where you can improve your English, it's a second home with great teachers and great staff who are always ready to help you.  I'll miss this atmosphere so much!  The internship has really helped me and given me the confidence that I needed to be prepared to work in English when I return to Italy." 



Jong Hyun Yoo, Korea

HND in Business Management at MLS, 2016
Starting his top up degree in Business at University of Kent, September 2016

"Having done this course, HND, is really awesome and it is also the best moment in my life.  When I started this course last year, I didn't know how to start my assignments, do referencing, or do brainstorming for business.  However, as time has gone by, I have improved and felt confident.  All the teachers are so kind and they encourage me to ask about everything I don't understand.  Now, I am so proud of myself and I strongly believe I will be able to obtain a degree with high scores in my university.  Thank you for everything."

Lucrecia Boni, Argentina

General English, 2015


"Studying English at MLS is an efficient, amusing and unforgettable way of improving the language.  All of the teachers and the college staff are well trained to work with foreigners, making everyone feel at ease and comfortable during the class.

As a great way of meeting other students, the college organises different activities after class such as bowling or weekend trips.  Staying at a host family as well as sharing the classes with people of all different nationalities makes the constant use of the language essential.  You won't only lean about the English culture, but also about others from all around the world. 

I recommend this experience to all those who are interested in improving thier English while learning about culture, visiting beautiful places and making friends. 


Sevilay Yildiz, Turkey

Accounting & Finance Course at MLS, 2015


"When I decided to come to MLS College I knew I had made a good choice for myself.  I joined an Accounting & Finance Course for 12 weeks.
My teachers were amazing.  I had the chance to use my experience and to learn so many things about my subject.
Moreover, the social activities were very impressive.  We have made a lot of trips to other cities.
It has been a lovely Summer for me.  I will always remember it.  Thanks for everything."
Update - June 2016  "I will never forget anything about my lovely school and my lovely teachers, I miss them every day.  I have now got a job in my city [in Turkey] as an educational consultant.  Because of the education I had in England, it is really appropriate for me.  I will follow the developments of students and I will arrange English education programmes for companies and for university students in England or Australia."



Giovanni Furlano, Italy

General English and IELTS Courses at MLS  - 2015

Applying for a PhD in Biology

"I really appreciated this school, in particular for my English to prepare myself for the IELTS exam.  In fact, this school is full of professional teachers that can help you to improve your skills and give you a lot of advice."



Marie d'Alencon, France

General English and IBC Courses at MLS - 2015

Set Designer/Scenographer

"I started studying at MLS 3 months ago.  My level was very low and I was afraid to speak in English.  Here, I found an ideal environment to improve my confidence and my learning.

After a couple of weeks, I started studying in the Business English class [IBC].  I didn't expect to be able to study this topic in English.  I learnt a lot, and today I'm not afraid anymore about English or 

of making mistakes.  I understand well, and people understand me.  In addition, I have improved my knowledge for my job!"



Aeri Yu, Korea

HND Business Management at MLS  - 2012

Top-Up BSc Business Management at Cardiff University

Currently working as an Interpreter/Translator at the Korean Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration (KHOA)

A subsidiary organization of The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea.



What were some of the most positive aspects of your time at MLS College?

"The number of students per class is limited to only 12, which meant I received more than sufficient academic support from the teachers; something that is not possible in large university lectures.

 On top of that, I was able to build close bonds with my classmates and we motivated one another, rather than being competitors.  Another advantage of the course was the tight, regular timetable.

A typical day would start at 9am and finish at 3pm, which meant I could be more self-disciplined in how I use my time."


How did your time studying for the MLS HND help you to improve your English?

 "As well as regular business related modules, there was a fixed number of hours allocated for academic English training.  This enabled me to keep improving my English day after day.  

However, my enthusiasm for English challenged my further to take an English test, the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) which is the most advance exam from Cambridge English.

With the variety of test books available from the MLS Library and the support from the dedicated Librarian/Exams Co-ordinator, MLS helped me greatly in preparing for the CPE.  I would 

recommend all MLS students to make the most of the Library and the test materials."


What advice would you give to students joining the HND Course now?

"I would recommend that they have in mind which university they want to go to, which discipline they want to specialise in and find out what the admissions criterea are so that, when choosing

modules during the HND Course, it will be easier to know where their focus should be."    The MLS University Counsellor will help with this.  


Anna Campos, Italy

General English and IBC Courses at MLS, 2015


" In my opinion, MLS is not only a place where I can study, it is like a second home.  Before coming here I was narrow-minded, now I have changed my view.  I know a lot of people of other nationalities and every day I learned something different about their countries.

The people who work in the College are very friendly and helpful.  I was scared at the beginning, but everybody has helped me.  I love studying in this College and I really recommend it.   I've done General English and IBC (International Business Communications) courses, which have been very useful and I look forward to practising the language I've learnt in my job."