An Italian in Bournemouth (at MLS)

Day 1

July 16, 2015

Hi! I’m Paola Bernasconi and I’m a blogger. What am I doing? I’m trying to write something for M.L.S. College. Why? Because yesterday I met Lesley in the College (she works there): I was buying a ticket for an excursion, I started talking with her and she asked me to write a blog about my experience in Bournemouth. 
I’m terrified! I don’t think that I’m able to write a blog in English but I have every afternoon free so… why shouldn’t I try?
I’m here to learn English. I arrived in Bournemouth 5 days ago: I hope that my English will improve day after day and I’m sure that you will discover it will. So, good luck to me and to everyone that is going to start an adventure like mine. See you soon.

Day 2

July 17, 2015
Hi everybody!
It’s Friday and this is my sixth day in Bournemouth.
I would like to thank Lesley that gave me this fantastic opportunity: writing in an another language is a very good exercise to improve my English.
So, what else? Yesterday night I went out with my host family, Liz and Victoria and we had fun: I’m so lucky to live with them. Now I’m waiting for pizza and I have to thank Liz that reads these posts and correct me if I wrote something wrong.
This first week is gone and I’m very happy: I love the lessons at M.L.S. International College. I am able to meet many other students and talk with them: sometimes it’s very hard because you always have to be concentrating but I think that it will be easier day after day (I hope so!).
Tomorrow I will be in Stonehenge: I’m so excited. So… See you tomorrow with some beautiful photos.

Day 3

July 18, 2015
Hi!  Here we are.  How was my weekend?  These words are for you.
Stonehenge, Bath, Salisbury Cathedral: this is my tour today. Where to start?
If you ever come to Bournemouth please visit Stonehenge: it’s a place full of mystery. You will see a beautiful landscape but, first of all, how people built this prehistoric monument about 5,000 years ago: nobody really knows how they have done it and why and this is the charm of Stonehenge.
We leave Stonehenge to go to Bath, a lovely town at about 1 hour from Bournemouth. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site (like Stonehenge) rebuilt in Georgian style during the XVIII century. Here I met an Italian mother with her daughter and we had lunch together: when you travel alone you can meet every day new people and this is very nice.
At 5 pm we came back to the coach. Direction? Salisbury Cathedral. We could only see the outside and it was fantastic: a classic example of Gothic style.
We came back to Bournemouth at 8 pm: it was an interesting day concluded with Chinese food at home.
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Day 4

July 19, 2015

It’s Sunday morning. I need to relax so I wake up easily. I look outside and I find that it’s sunny: lovely! I just want to go out and discover Bournemouth. I want to lose myself in the streets; I want to go shopping; I want to walk all around the city.
Walking on Christchurch Road I find a nice Wine Bar. So, why can’t I eat here? Its name? Chaplin’s and The Cellar Bar: it’s a beautiful small restaurant that I recommend to you (good homemade food).
I go on my walk and I enjoy the sun. Bournemouth is a lovely place to visit and near the sea it’s full of families and people that are  just having fun.
Now I’m at home: I have to write my Italian blog and I had to write my English blog too (I can do it!). Then, I have to do my homework like a young student (even though I’m 33!).
Bye bye.

Day 5

July 20, 2015

Hi! Today it’s like an Italian Autumn day: it’s raining and it’s cold. But that’s fine.
I discovered the Language Laboratory. I think it’s the best thing to improve my English. Today I tried to listen BBC News and answer to the tests: it was very difficult at the beginning but I realized that I can do that.
However. This morning we did the test: I hope it went well! I will know tomorrow.
Now I have to thank my friends that have wrote for me something about their experience in Bournemouth. I think that you can read these words and so understand how this experience could be fantastic.

This is Zuzana Jarešova’ (I hope I have written well!)

“I have been in Bournemouth for 2 weeks. I arrived on Sunday, July 12, 2015. I have gone here because I want to study English at M.L.S. International College.
Firstly I would like to write something about the town. The weather is good for me; not too cold, not too hot. However, sometimes it rains. The town is lively, because there are many people around but they are kind and helpful. I visited beach, the New Forest, cinema and a lot of restaurants.
Let’s leave that and write something about the school. I want to be better in English therefore I chose to study in a language school. The first day was hard for me, because we wrote an English test and they place me in the most suitable class. I was nervous but after test it was all right. I’m intermediate and I am satisfied. The teachers are friendly and the lessons are interesting. To sum up I think I can commend this school.
I live in a host family and the women is really great. I have a big room. And what about the food? I heard that English food is not so good but I don’t agree: especially dinners are tasty. I have no problem with my host family.
In conclusion I would like to say only this: stay in this country may be useful for everybody, especially for students and young people who have the whole life before them.”

This is Dagmar Hanušová

“My name is Dagmar. I have been in Bournemouth for a week.
My first feeling of Bournemouth was good. There wasn’t a reason not to be. I have been here for a vacation and to improve my English skills.
I can say that I like the student’s life here: it gets me back for more than 10 years.
I like the school, the teachers and the way they teach.
The location, the park and the beach are clean and well convenience. I like sitting in the park during lunch time.
There are just one thing I don’t like. Shops in my country are opened until 9 or 10 pm every day. There is one nonstop shopping centre in this city: so it was very strange to go shopping at 5 pm on Sunday and recognize that it is closed!” 
So, see you tomorrow with one other day about an Italian girl in Bournemouth and not only. If you continue to follow this blog you can discover many things about the city and the M.L.S. College straight from student’s words.

Day 6

Hi everybody! Yesterday it’s been a busy day so I couldn’t write anything.
These are my last two days in Bournemouth.

July 21, 2015

I woke up at 7.15 am as every morning: the weather was not very nice but fortunately it’s been better during our lunch break so we were able to eat sitting in the park. It was very amusing because the Lower Gardens are always lively.
I was waiting for the Conversation Club so I went to the Coffee Room to do my homework: here you can speak with many other students and this is a good exercise to improve your English. For the same reason I also  recommend the Conversation Club because the teacher is a very nice person (ha has an Italian wife and, first of all, he knows my little town and this is fun: how small the world is”).
But my day is not over here. I came back home to write my Italian blog and then I went go out with some friends. It was a fun evening: we just drunk something and listened to the live music.

Day 7

July 22, 2015

Today I was a little bit tired because of the busy day of yesterday. I went to class and then I had lunch with some friends. I recommend the cafe next to the College where you can eat fabulous cupcakes (it’s near the school, on the corner)!
I would like to thank the boy [Oleg from Russia] that played his guitar during our coffee break: it's been an amazing soundtrack!
Now I’m at home drinking a cup of tea and thinking about my experience here, an experience that everyone should do during their life. If you travel alone you can try every day new experiences, meet new people and change your point of view; you can look the world around you and understand what is really important and what is not but, first of all, you can understand that you can do everything you want to and that makes you proud of yourself.
Now, just for you, some impressions of Bournemouth from two students that I want to thank.

Nicole Rennerova

“My first week in Bournemouth was a little bit hectic because I wanted to see everything. I saw the New Forest Park: it’s nice but I waited for more but don’t worry: it was nice and the restaurant was very peaceful. I love places like this!
I went to the disco in the evening and I walked around Bournemouth. I also went to a pub and I visited the beach. Yes, Bournemouth is nice and a good place to spend time here.”


Bathuan Aslan

“Bournemouth is a great town on the Southern coast of England. It’s a really nice and a fun place.
In my first week I met a lot of people who are from different countries: it is a really good experience for me!”

Day 8

July, 23 2015
It’s fun for me. Every morning I go to the school and I see my face on the notice-board (thanks Lesley!). Someone asks me something about my blog, someone just smiles to me: I didn’t imagine that something like that could happen to me. But… That’s it!
What about today? The lessons are interesting as always and the lunch has been international: we went to a Brazilian restaurant and we were sitting in a long table made up of people from all around the world. This is a useful exercise to improve our English and a good way to taste different cuisines.
In the afternoon I went in the Classroom 20 where I could watch a movie (thanks guys for that). This is a good way to learn new words and exercise our listening too.
Now I’m at home. I drunk my tea like a typical English person and I’m waiting for dinner (tonight it's fish and chips!). Then, I can eat the cupcakes that I bought for my host family: they are the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten in my life!
See you tomorrow!
P.S. Look at the notice board please!  A bike has been stolen - all the information is on the notice.  Thank you.  

Day 9 

July 24, 2015
It’s a rainy day: the only thing that I would like to do is sleep on the sofa drinking a hot chocolate. But, in spite of the rain, I’ll go out for dinner with some friends, hoping that the weather will be better during the evening. One of us is going back home on Sunday and that’s why we’ll meet.
What about the lessons today? In the first one we talked about “nor, neither, both”: it’s not easy for me to learn it (I think that I’ll continue using “me too, me neither” instead of “so have I, I haven’t”. I’m sorry teacher!). During the second lesson we talked about movies and did a quiz about them: I’m the older student of my class and today that was clear: I knew the most answers about movies, actors and directors (sometimes it’s fun being the oldest!).
We had lunch at Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant near the College: if you want try something new this is a good place.
Now I’m in late: I have to go.
Have a good evening!

          St. Peter's Church from the classroom window  


News from Bournemouth? These are my last two days:

Day 10

July 25, 2015
Saturday in Bournemouth.   My friends and I met in Bournemouth Square and spent our time between shopping and afternoon tea. It’s been great fun and I recommend you to try it: you can drink tea and eat sandwiches or delicious cakes feeling like a real British lady.
We had dinner at Sarah’s host family's home (it was fabulous!) because she had to go back home: it’s always sad saying goodbye to someone but I hope that we will meet again.
Now, some words about Bournemouth from my friend Veronika that I want to thank.
Veronika Filonova
“Hello! My name is Veronika. I am from Moscow, Russia. I like studying in M.L.S. International College. Firstly, I would like to say that my University connects with this college and because of this I decided to come and to study English for 5 weeks. Every year students from our university come here and all of them are happy to study in this college.
So, I have an economic program which includes three lessons a day: General English, Business English and Economics. It’s very interesting to broaden your mind on economic problems. I have learnt a lot in University about economics, but I have found new opinions on different problems here. Every day I broaden my mind.
My lessons start at 9 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. We study 4.5 hours every day, but this time passes quickly. I like the staff and organization of this college. The teachers here are very friendly. They will help you on any occasion. In the lessons of general English we do grammar, listening, writing and speaking. Speaking for me is the most significant part. I like that there are a lot of foreigners. I always communicate with them, but sometimes I find it difficult to understand their accent. They can tell you a lot of new things about their culture and their lives.
I like living in my host family, it gives me a lot of practice. I like my host family. They are very nice. I have spent 3.5 weeks here and I do not want to go home.”

Day 11

July 26, 2015

It’s a cold rainy day and I have been on the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see much but now I can say “I have been there!” (I've been waiting so long for this moment because I was very curious about this island).

However, in spite of the rain, the fog and the cold I have seen the beautiful Alum Bay with its blue stormy sea and its white cliffs. What can I recommend you? If you want visit the Isle of Wight like me, don’t buy a ticket for the trip before but wait, wait for the perfect sunny day and then enjoy your visit to this gorgeous isle.
Now I’m very tired: I need to sleep because tomorrow will begin my last week here.
See you soon and good night! 

Day 12

July 27, 2015
Last Monday in Bournemouth for me. Two weeks have flown and on Saturday I’ll go back home.
Today is the coldest day since I have been here and I begin to miss the sunny hot Italian days. As I learned this morning during my first lesson: I’m sick and tired of this weather (we talked about sentences with different meanings that you can use like “she is my flesh and blood!”: the students that were with me can understand it). Anyway…
I’m here and I’m very happy because I can meet people from all the world and, first of all, because I’m improving my English.
After lunch I went to the Language Laboratory, the best way to practise my listening. I recommend it to all the students: it’s not boring and the teacher is a very witty person. Try it and let me know!
Lastly I went to Marks & Spencer: I wanted to buy something for my Italian dinner. This Friday I have to cook pasta con pomodoro (pasta with tomatoes) for my English sisters and I’m so excited about it, hoping that my pasta will be delicious!
What else? Good evening and see you tomorrow!

Day 13

July 28, 2015

I have some habits that I’ll miss when I go home: like walking for 10 minutes to get my bus thinking how healthy it is ; like watching on TV “Once Upon a Time” with Liz and Victoria, my host family.
This is my eighteenth day in Bournemouth.
Two weeks have flown and Saturday is getting closer: time is really relative. Anyway… I am here. I want to come back home to enjoy the hot sunny Italian days but I would like to stay here to continue doing something good for myself like improving my English and understanding that I can do it alone. And I have done something good for myself: I have met people from all the world; I have tasted every day different cuisines; I have lived with Ellie (my host family's dog that is now with another family) and I continue to live with my host family that I love; I have returned to the past when I was a student and I went to school every morning.
It is for these reasons that an English Course in Bournemouth (or wherever you want) is that and more than that. When you travel alone in a strange country you can understand a lot about yourself and about what  is important for you, for your life and for your job; you can realize that everyone of us in the world has the same weaknesses and the same dreams and because of that it is beautiful to compare our cultures.
Now I’m finishing my tea, I’ll have a shower and I’ll wait for dinner. At the same time I keep on thinking about how lucky I am.
Good evening!

The Bournemouth clifftop


Day 14

July 29, 2015

What about today? Woke up at 7.15, breakfast, bus, lessons, lunch, Language Laboratory. It is like I have lived here for a long time. I walk around the streets and I can see the same faces every morning or, at least, some of them.
There is a boy; I have met him most of these mornings because we get the same bus. It’s like I know him and every morning I smile looking his socks. Yes, you got it!  His socks. Grey shirt, trousers and necktie and brightly coloured socks. Every day a different colour: green, pink, red. And I wait every morning just to see which colour he has chosen.
This is one of the things that I will probably miss!

Day 15

July 30, 2015

Tomorrow are my last lessons at M.L.S. International College. I don’t know how it could have happened but it’s already time to come back home.
Today is a sunny day: it’s the perfect day to take some pictures of Bournemouth. That’s why I prefer to miss the Language Laboratory today (sorry!) and walk around the city.
The Lower Gardens are so lively and it’s so beautiful watching people eat sitting on the grass eating or just having fun enjoying the sun. The beach is full of people and many children are in the water while I take pictures with my warm jacket on (I’ll never get used to theBritish weather!).
Before coming home I decide to have a look at some shops that I see every morning from my bus. On every trip I've made, I’ve always loved finding something special to bring home and I would have liked to buy a dress in one of these eccentric vintage shops: unfortunately I didn’t find anything but is was interesting snooping around among the dresses, bags, vinyls, suitcases, hats, rings and necklaces.
Now I’m at home. As usual I’m drinking a cup of tea (I’ll miss it when I am in Italy and the heat will besuffocating!) but I have to say good bye: I have to work and I don’t want to be late for tonight (appointment at 8.30 pm with other students).
See you tomorrow for my last day at school!

Day 16

July 31, 2015
Time to go home. Twenty day have flown by and tomorrow I will be in Italy. And now all I can do is say thank you to everyone of you.
Thank you to Lesley: without her this blog couldn’t exist!
Thank you to my teachers and to every teacher I met in M.L.S.
Thank you to my parents because I know that they will be always with me supporting every choice I make.
Thanks to all my friends: they are been with me even if we are thousand kilometres away.
Thanks to everyone I met here: all of you gave me something that I’ll keep for ever in my heart.
Thank you to all the students that wrote something for this blog.
Thank you to Cecilia and Sarah for our days spent eating everything.
Thank you to Oleg and to his guitar.
Thank you to Aziz that gave me a beautiful story to remember.
Thanks to Markus: you surprised me with Jägermeister! (I keep my promise!).
Thanks to Liz and Victoria, my host family. I felt at home since the first day. And thank you to Ellie, their Labrador that I loved as soon as I saw her.
Finally, thanks to me, just a little bit.