About the MLS Accommodation and Welfare Service

You will spend much time at MLS College studying, during your stay but it is likely you will spend more time in your accommodation.  MLS believes that the quality of service you receive from your accommodation in the UK is a major factor in the success of your stay in Bournemouth.

MLS takes great care in selecting accommodation on behalf of its students and we aim to match your specific requests against our database of accommodation. Students have a good choice of accommodation options. 

For Homestay Accommodation prices please click here

  • Homestay accommodation
  • Twin Homestay accommodation
  • Homestay accommodation – Superior (en-suite)
  • Special Requests - these may include self catering homestay, special dietary requirements, access requirements
  • Student Residence (Download 2016 options and fees)  (Download 2017 options and fees)
  • Apartments - details on request
  • Guest houses - details on request
  • Hotels - details on request

Most clients stay with an English family (homestay), close to the college or in recognised student areas, and this is recommended for the advancement of English language learning.  Each family is visited by our Accommodation Officer who ensures that a high quality of service is maintained, in line with British Council requirements.  You will receive a booklet about living with an English homestay to assist you in understanding any cultural differences.  At any point during your stay with a homestay, you will be able to talk with our Accommodation Officer for advice, should you need this.

If you wish to stay in accommodation which is not part of the MLS homestay network, we will be pleased to assist you in arranging alternative accommodation.  Prices will vary and contractual terms will apply.  Please contact the college for further information.

MLS main accommodation options:

AC1. Homestay Accommodation


  • Single room accommodation
  • Families situated within a reasonable distance of the College, or readily accessible to public transport
  • Meals: Mon – Fri: Breakfast & Evening Meal - Weekends: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • No more than three other students in the home

AC2. Twin Homestay Accommodation


  • Twin room accommodation
  • Families situated within a reasonable distance of the College, or readily accessible to public transport
  • Meals: Mon – Fri: Breakfast & Evening Meal - Weekends: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Can only be booked by two students travelling together
  • No more than three other students in the home

AC3. Superior Homestay Accommodation (en-suite)


  • Single room accommodation, with private access to a bathroom
  • Families situated within a reasonable distance of the College, or readily accessible to public transport
  • Meals: Mon – Fri: Breakfast & Evening Meal - Weekends: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
AC4. Special Request - MLS reserves the right to charge supplements where special requests are made of homestays.  Details of the standard homestay offer is provided in our marketing material and every effort is made by MLS homestays to accommodate the individual needs of students.  However, certain requests may require additional expense in which case a further charge may be made on a case by case basis.  Examples of where additional charges may accrue, although not limited to such examples are: more than one clothes wash per week; or specialist dietary requirements.  MLS cannot guarantee that any special request can be met and you should always confirm specifically on booking, should you have a specific need, in which case MLS will manage requests on a case by case basis.

AC5. Student Residence


  • MLS currently works with 4 student residences in Bournemouth.  Each is less than a 15 minute walk from the MLS building in Bournemouth town centre.
  • Please see our printable Student Residence Information sheet for details about each residence.
  • We will be pleased to send you specific information about residence availability for the time you will arrive at MLS and assist in making bookings for you.  Contractual arrangements will apply.


  • Bournemouth has many apartments or houses available for rent throughout the year.  We will provide you with a list of available apartments for the time you will be staying at MLS.  You will be required to pay a deposit to secure bookings and contractual arrangements will apply.  We are pleased to assist in arranging apartment accommodation before your arrival at MLS.  If you wish we can arrange local homestay accommodation or guest house/hotel accommodation for one or two weeks to begin your stay at MLS, so that you can choose your apartment yourself, once you are in Bournemouth.

Guest Houses and Hotels

Bournemouth is a major UK tourist destination and has hundreds of hotels and guest houses.  MLS has corporate rates with local 3, 4 and 5 star hotels which we are pleased to pass to our clients.  Further information is available on request.




Pastoral Care

During your stay in the UK we hope you will never require medical or welfare assistance.  However, should you need assistance in this regard, our Welfare Officer will assist in all welfare matters, eg appointments with doctors, dentists, opticians etc.  Our staff are sympathetic to students’ personal problems and are experienced in handling and solving the various difficulties that can arise when living away from home.  

It is strongly recommended that students take out personal travel, medical and course cancellation insurance to cover unexpected events whilst in the United Kingdom.

Living in the UK

MLS will provide you with a full induction package on how to “survive” in the UK.  Our staff are always available if you need assistance with any aspect of living in the UK.

Getting to MLS and Bournemouth

Your course will take place at the MLS International College building in the heart of Bournemouth.

Bournemouth itself is situated approximately two hours south west of London and within easy reach of Heathrow, Gatwick, Southampton and our own Bournemouth Airport.  Bournemouth is sited on a main line train route from London and National Express Coaches run regular services to Bournemouth. 

Airport Transfer Service

MLS offers a personal welcome at your point of entry in the UK, available on request.  Our driver will meet you at the airport and take you directly to your accommodation.  A return airport transfer service is also available on request.  Please note Bournemouth has an international airport and many European flights now arrive weekly at Bournemouth.